How to integrate MialChimp with Clearout?

  • For the MailChimp users, we have made the verification of uploaded data extremely easy.

    o Link your MailChimp account with Clearout for quick validation check in real-time. All you have to do is log in to your Clearout account, go to "Integrations" and click on "Connect to MailChimp". You can add more than one MailChimp accounts. Rest of the steps are fairly similar to regular steps.

    o You will be able to see the lists you have added in your MailChimp account. Select the lists you wish to verify and click on "Add to My List"

    o Once the list/lists you selected get added to "My List", simply click on "Verify" button and get the database verified in minutes

    o After verification report is generated, you can either download your choice of report or you can directly "Export" the report to MailChimp. You can check out the demo in the below-given video.

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