What makes an email bounce?

  • What makes an email bounce?

  • An email bounce is when an email is returned to the sender because it could not be delivered to the intended recipient. Bounces happen for various reasons like email address not valid, the recipient has blocked you, recipient inbox full and so on. There are two kinds of bounces:

    1. Hard bounce: Recipient address is incorrect. Think of it as a permanent email delivery failure.

    2. Soft bounce: When the recipient's inbox is full, their email server is down, your email is too big by their standards and so on, your email will be returned undelivered back to you. Appropriate changes and trying sending again can work. Think of it as temporary delivery failure.

    Email bounces are a big challenge in email marketing and marketers try to keep bounces as low as possible. Some time back we published this post, you might want to check it out.

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