How to integrate Active Campaign with Clearout?

  • Active Campaign integration is very simple and takes hardly a few minutes. Follow the step-by-step process given below to complete the integration:

    o Log in to your account and click on integrations

    o Select Active Campaign integration

    o You can add multiple accounts with Clearout. Click on "Add Account" to add a new Active Campaign account

    o You will see a pop up asking you details like- Enter URL, Enter Key. You will get these details from your Active Campaign account. Go to settings and click on "Developer". There you will see the details asked in Clearout.

    o Once your account is listed, you will be able to see the number of lists present in your Active Campaign account

    o Select the list you want to verify and click on "Add to my list"

    o If you have added a wrong list, you can delete the same before clicking on verifying that list

    o Once your list is added, click on the "Verify" button to see the result

    o Click on "Download Result"- This option will help you download the result. You have options to download only Valid result or Invalid results appended to the original file, or download Clearout results which will not retain your original file. You can also do a custom download to select the result as per your choice.

    o There is another option where you can export the result directly to your Active Campaign account. Click on "Export". This will help you to append the details directly in your Active Campaign account. Check out the video below for further clarity.

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