Step-by-step guide to help you use Zapier to link Clearout with your favorite tool!

  • Clearout proved to be of immense benefit to most of our clients and our product team was bombarded with multiple integration requests. Meanwhile, those integrations are getting a release in the sequence, we introduced Zapier integration to help out on easy linking of Clearout with any other tool of choice.
    Here is how you can use Zapier:

    o Go to the Integration section after you log in to your Clearout account and select Zapier to integrate.

    o You will be asked to log in to your Zapier account of you already have one. In case you are new to the platform then you can create an account easily with your email id. You will be taken to the below page (screenshot attached) to create a Zap.

    o Click on "Make a Zap" button on the top right corner. Creating Zap means simply creating a workflow between the selected tools.

    o Name your Zap and select the tool you want to link Clearout with from the wide list of apps available. There are 1500 apps listed with Zapier.

    o Once you select the app, you have to select the event that you wish to trigger

    o Select your account and profile

    o Depending on the tool you select the steps included to create a Zap would vary

    o You have to select an action against which the Zap will be triggered. That this stage you have to select Clearout. Once you have selected Clearout, Zapier would request for Clearout API.

    o To generate API, go to your Clearout account by clicking the icon on the top right corner. You will find API token after your profile details.

    o Your zap creating process would complete after submitting the API details with Zapier. A small demo of Zapier integration is shown in the video shared below.

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